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binary to-text converter is a web tool that helps you convert binary code to text online within seconds. Just type your binary code in the given area and press convert.

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Binary To Text tool

Several online tools provide English to binary code conversions, but most are paid or require registration before you can make use of them. However, you can use our online English-to-binary translator without facing hassles.

Some of the main features of text-to-binary translators are discussed below.

100% Free

Duplichecker provides a free online text-to-binary converter that allows users to perform unlimited conversions. Moreover, there is no registration required to use this utility.

Easy to Use

The user-friendly interface of the English-to-binary translator enables users to translate English text to binary code without any complex process.

Fast Conversion

Instead of trying conventional ways of converting text to binary that require ample time and effort, you can use the words-to-binary code converter to get the fastest conversion. Just enter text into the input box and click the convert button, the utility will process the conversion and display results immediately.


The online word-to-binary converter provides 100% accurate results to the users. The smart algorithms used by the tool process your entered text and provide you with flawless results in a few seconds. If you want to ensure accuracy, you can double-check the results manually.


Whether you have an Android, IOS, Mac, or Desktop device, you can easily access and use this text to binary converter online. The utility works exquisitely fine on all devices.